Minor Fruitbat Update: 1.1.1453

fruitbat_rotated_blueFruitBat 1.1.1453 fixes the package command to ensure the application descriptor file always comes first in the file list, no matter what it is named. This bug would stop some applications from compiling into BAR files.The icon has also been switched for a much simpler, blue version with icon sizes trimmed to only those that Windows will use, shaving around 400K from the download package size.

The update may be downloaded from the FruitBat page or through the in-application updater (Help > Check for Updates).

FruitBat 1.1 Update Available

The first update to FruitBat is ready. This update includes several enhancements as well as compatibility with the newest version of the Tablet OS SDK (0.9.1). Thanks to those of you that reported bugs and errors.

FruitBat 1.1 App Panel

This update should address all of the reported issues that cause FruitBat to not do its job. More info and download link after the jump. This is the last version you should have to download and install manually. Updates are included in this version.

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FlashDevelop and BlackBerry PlayBook Development: The Basics

Despite the misinformation floating around out there, the openness of the Flash Platform and the open source Flex SDK make it possible to create Flash and AIR applications without touching a single authoring tool created by Adobe. It also makes it possible for other tools and projects to be used in conjunction with the Adobe-produced tools. You’re in control of your preferred toolset, and it’s a beautiful thing.

One application that is part of my toolset is FlashDevelop. It is an open source development environment for Flash Platform content. It includes features for both ActionScript (2 & 3) development as well as Flex (3 & 4) development for both Flash Player and AIR and is on par with Flash Builder in several areas and surpasses it (in my opinion) in other areas. For final output, it uses the open source Flex and AIR SDKs to compile SWF and AIR files that are identical to those produced in Adobe authoring.

Of course the very day that BlackBerry announced that Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.5 would be fully supported on the BlackBerry PlayBook in the browser and as apps, I downloaded all of the required SDKs and set out to build my first PlayBook application. After downloading, installing and donating *wink* to the FlashDevelop project, the following will get you started with building your own PlayBook app.

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Capture Your Screen Like a Pro

Over the past two decades, TechSmith has built their entire business around making screen sharing easy and convenient – they are THE experts. Snagit is Techsmith’s first and oldest product with version 1 being released 19 years ago. This past May, Snagit 10 was released and TechSmith proved once again that taking and editing screenshots like a pro can be easy and fast, even for those items that used to be difficult to capture.

Snagit 10 Box Shot

Image © TechSmith Corporation

Snagit 10

All-in-One Capture

Camtasia Studio users should already be familiar with all-in-one capture, and now this awesome feature is integrated with Snagit. Move your mouse around the screen and the area to be captured changes depending on what’s under the cursor. One click and you’re done.


Snagit now includes full support for alpha transparency. If your capture area has rounded corners, like floating windows, so will your final screenshot. You can also composite transparent images together using the companion Snagit Editor.

Other New Features

Capture text and formatting with Snagit • No more clutter showing behind Aero glass titlebars and windows • Direct upload to sceencast.com • New edge effects • Auto-scroll capture enhancements

Snagit for Mac

Snagit on the Mac has been a feature request for a long time. TechSmith listened and made it happen. Over the past year, Snagit for Mac was in beta testing with an astounding 100,000 testers. The official announcement was made yesterday – it’s ready!

Snagit for Mac: Capture Button

Snagit for Mac shares many features with its PC counterpart all wrapped in a beautiful interface. Some of the common features include All-in-One Capture, Time Delayed Capture (for snagging menus, hover effects or to just give you a little time to get ready), integrated sharing options, the capture tray with automatic saving and editing features.

Snagit for Mac: Main Window

A surprise for licensed Snagit 10 users, you’re entitled to a free copy of Snagit for Mac. Just download the trial of Snagit for Mac and activate it with your Snagit 10 activation key. Additionally, Snagit is being bundled with installers for both platforms for all new purchases and upgrades from past versions.

Snagit is my…

Saving the best for last – To celebrate the release of Snagit for Mac, TechSmith is having a HUGE giveaway with some awesome prizes:

  • Grand Prize: MacBook Pro 13.3″ – 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM & 250GB HDD
  • First Prize: iPad – 16GB with Wi-Fi
  • Second Prize: iPod Touch – 8GB, 4th Generation
  • Third Prizes: $25 Apple Store Gift Cards – 10 Winners
  • Fourth Prizes: TechSmith Titanium Spork – 20 Winners

Entering is easy; just spread the word about Snagit. You can do it on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon or on your own blog.  Good luck!

How to Win & Official Rules

Adobe AIR, BlackBerry PlayBook and This New Thing Called FruitBat

FruitBat Pre-release Icon

A couple of weeks ago at Adobe MAX, Research In Motion announced that Flash and its cousin Adobe AIR would be first class citizens on its upcoming tablet, BlackBerry PlayBook. In fact, several of the default media applications to ship on the tablet are written using AIR.

Of course, this is exciting because we can use familiar technologies to create applications. Even though AIR is a runtime on top of the operating system, I’ve seen quotes to the effect of “AIR and Flash are  embedded through and through, all the way to the silicon.” This should bring a performance boost between the hardware and AIR apps.

With being able to create AIR apps for PlayBook, we need tools. Of course Adobe offers a nice selection with Flash Professional, Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder, but one of the great things about Flash content creation is that you’re not limited to only the Adobe applications. The Flex SDK, which includes much of the same functionality as the Adobe applications, is available at no charge from Adobe Open Source. Everything you need to create Flash applications is in the package. Add your favorite editor and you’re ready to write ActionScript or MXML applications for both AIR and the Flash Player plugin.

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Version 7.0 Preview Launch

I’ll write more about it later, but as you can see, studio|chris is sporting a new look and a new logo. This has been in the works since February of this year between client work, so it is time to get it out there. Those of you visiting in Internet Explorer or Opera may see some visual glitches, but I’m working to get those ironed out.

For now, enjoy!

OpenX Loader ActionScript 3 Class for Adobe AIR


Following my article on loading OpenX ads in Adobe AIR applications, I’ve written a very simple class to make it a little easier. This should be able to load in both image and HTML/text based banners with no problem.

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