MXSMaker: Image to Painter Mixer Pad

Painter has a few ways of creating color palettes from images whether it be through color sets, the Match Color command or the stylistic coloring achieved through automatic processes such as in the Underpainting panel. Now, add one more: the Mixer panel. With MXSMaker, it is very easy to convert any JPG, PNG or GIF file, with transparency preserved, into a Mixer Pad file that can be loaded directly into the Mixer panel of Painter 8.1 through Painter 12.

MXSMaker Main WindowMXSMaker Main Window

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Using Brush Manager 0.6.1012 with Corel Painter 12

The current version of Brush Manager will not receive an update specifically for Painter 12; other plans are in the works. However, the current version is compatible with Painter 12. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the Settings panel by clicking the wrench icon in the title bar.
  2. Leave your settings the way they are, especially User Mode which should be set to YES for most users. If you use a location that isn’t one of the default locations for Painter (ex. a folder on D: drive), skip steps 3 and 4.
  3. For consistency choose Painter 11 from the Painter Version drop down.
  4. Click the button that says Set to Default Location, then check the checkbox beside it for using a custom path.
  5. If your path uses Application Data or AppData in Windows or Application Support on Mac OS, change 11 (or your version number) to 12 — this should be most users. If your path uses Program Files on Windows or Applications in Mac OS, change “Corel Painter 11” to “Painter12″ with no spaces. Windows 64-bit users should also remove ” (x86)” — the space in front of it too–  from the Program Files folder name.

That’s it! This will install brushes into the Default workspace in the Painter Brushes library. Changing “Default” to another workspace name will use that workspace instead. Changing “Painter Brushes” to another library name will use that library instead. It’s all pretty straightforward.

If you do choose to use a different workspace or library, my recommendation is to use the Browse button that opens beside the path’s text box, just to make sure spelling and spacing are exact. The folder selection dialog that opens will be set to your current location and you should be able to see the folders for your other workspaces. Expand a workspace along with its Brushes folder and choose a library (any folder inside of the Brushes folder) and click OK. Now Brush Manager will install into the chosen workspace and library.

FruitBat 1.3 Released

FruitBat 1.3 Screenshot

The BlackBerry PlayBook is finally here! This update to FruitBat adds the ability to install in-development apps to the PlayBook hardware for testing while using a debug token. It also has the ability to install and uninstall signed BAR files to and from the device.

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Corel Painter 12: The Best Yet

Corel Painter 12 was released earlier today, and is a massive overhaul of the Painter we all know and love. The Painter team addressed quite a few long-standing requests and issues in this version, all exciting and all pulling together to create the best version of Painter yet!

Painter 12_wordmarks_finals.cdrNew Painter 12 logo and splash screen. © Corel Corporation.

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Introducing colorbranch Touch

colorbranch Main Icon

colorbranch is a color picker, color matcher and color conversion application created for artists, designers and developers. The first release allows colors to be chosen from photos and other images with more choices coming.

All colors are represented in many different common formats for ultimate flexibility. Easily see HEX color codes for CSS, then convert to HSL with one button for some CSS3 color animation magic!

Swatches can be exported as XML, Adobe® Swatch Exhange (.ase) for use with Adobe Creative Suite and Corel® Painter™ Color Set (.colors) files for truly portable color palettes. In addition to designers and artists, code-ready strings are also readily available for CSS2.1, CSS3, Adobe® Flash® and other programming languages.

colorbranch is available now and is priced at $1.99.

Get it at BlackBerry App Worldmore info…


colorbranch Splash Screen

The loading splash screen – bright and colorful.

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WordPress 3.1 Admin Bar CSS Fix

WordPress 3.1 came out a couple of days ago, and I’m enjoying it so far. A lot of the new features will come in handy in a few weeks when I have time to sit down and tweak this theme.

One feature added in this release is the Admin Bar. When logged in, it is shown fixed to the top of your browser window. It has links to all of the important sections of the admin panel along with unapproved comment counts and update alerts. It also has a search bar to the far right. Something is off in the CSS for the search bar in a default install; the search button, which should be beside the search field, has dropped below. Form elements don’t always play nice.

After looking at it for two days, it bothered me enough to write some corrective CSS.

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FruitBat 1.2 Released

January – the month of updates! BlackBerry released a new version of the PlayBook SDK and simulator yesterday (0.9.2). With the update, your password is required to interact with the simulator via the command line tools.  This update changes the command line interaction slightly to accommodate for that.

Update 02/2011: This version is also compatible Tablet OS SDK version 0.9.3 which was released by RIM on 02/08/2011.

If the command line errors out, check to make sure the clock in the simulator has the correct time, matched to your computer’s clock.

Download FruitBat
v 1.3.0025 - 1006.99 kB – exe

FlashDevelop Template

Along with this update, the FlashDevelop template received a minor update. The BlackBerry tablet configuration file (blackberry-tablet.xml) now includes a <splashscreen>node that can be used to define your own loading screen for your application, a <permissions> node to tie into the new permissions API (must be uncommented) and an <autoOrients> node to turn enable or disable orientation changes within your app (default is false in the template).

Download BlackBerry Tablet OS Template
v 1.3.0025 - 672.73 kB – zip

What’s New

  • Simulator Password field added to settings panel
  • Settings file version updated to 1.2
  • Commands in the generated batch files include the password flag
  • Minor code enhancements

Bug Fix

  • Hidden directories are not indexed in the file list for batch file commands.