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Visit the Studio|chris Shop for a selection of new products. New products include texture collections, art prints, personalized potraits, and more!

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Studio|chris Site · Shop OPEN!!!

Good news everyone!!! The shop is now operational! I am still working on getting all of the available products listed, so keep checking back for new items. I’ll post anoher update when all products are listed.

Also, for the time being, I’ve redirected the main Studio|chris site to the front page of the shop. The shop will contain most of the content for Studio|chris, but I will also have a real website to describe products and services in more detail, house galleries, and more.

Visit the Studio|chris Shop!

Studio|chris Site Update · Hard at Work!

I think it’s about time for an update on the progress of building the new Studio|chris site and shop, so here it is.

The main skeleton of the site is complete. Content is being added as I write here to make sure everything is perfect for opening day. About half way through construction, I decided to incorporate a shopping cart system complete with a gift certificate system, group discounts, digital downloads, and tons of other great features that will offer the greatest amount of flexibility, ease and the absolute best online shopping experience possible for you all.The setup of this system is taking longer than expected, but will be great when totally finished.

I’ll let you all know more as the site continues to pull totally together. Thanks to you all for your continued patience and support!

Photoshop Painting Study: Siberian Husky

Here is a painting I’ve been working on for a few weeks. I’ve always been amazed at how artists are able to paint from scratch in Adobe Photoshop. It really is a robust program that is well-suited to painting. While the brush system isn’t quite as complex and realistic as Corel Painter, it is very possible to use Photoshop as a fine art medium.

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Wacom Intuos 3 · 6D Art Pen Review

Section 1: Background and Basics

The Wacom 6D Art Pen was introduced by Wacom along with its Intuos 3 line of pen tablets and its newest line of Cintiq pen-abled touch displays. The pen itself added a valuable function to the already generous offering of features of Wacom’s tablets and pens, active ROTATION. The pen’s sensors are able to detect the angle in which the pen is rotated. My best guess is that this is accomplished through tracking of two sensor points located near the pen’s tip; the two locations are mapped and the angle between the two in relation to the tablet sensor’s orientation measures the pen’s orientation in regard to rotation. The pen’s location on the tablet, and thus on-screen, is based on the center of these two points.

Wacom 6D Art Pen
Image © Wacom Technologies, Inc.

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Hello world!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Studio|chris blog. Check back for updates soon! I’ll be leaving site updates, current news, discussion posts, and all sorts of fun stuff here.