FruitBat 1.4.0132 Update Available

The FruitBat 1.4.0132 update includes the following changes:

  • BUGFIX: (Mac Only) Automatic updates did not function in 1.4.0127 (sorry guys – you’ll have to download the installer from the site this time). This was fixed and tested in an intermediate unreleased version 1.4.0130.
  • BUGFIX: Auto-generated WebWorks ZIP file name could possibly be invalid when attempting to package a WebWorks app. This would cause packaging to fail. All ZIP file names should be fully valid now, every time.
  • BUGFIX: Register Signing Keys item in the Publish menu was not linked to its action, so it did nothing when selected. Now, registering signing keys via this menu item should function properly.
  • CHANGE:  The process for installing debug tokens was changed to allow file selection if the Debug Token Save Location in the Settings/Preferences window did not contain a valid file location.
  • NEW: Added messages to the console for:
    •  loading XML from any of the available options (drag & drop, shortcut key, menu item)
    • creating/refreshing the package file list
    • updating the main app panel
    • installing standalone BAR files
    • uninstalling standalone BAR files

Windows users may use the update feature to download and install the update automatically. Mac users should use the download button below for this time. There is no need to uninstall the previous version before installing this one. The old version will simply be replaced on install.

Download FruitBat 1.4 Beta (Win)
v 1.4.0134 - 1.26 MB – exe

Download FruitBat 1.4 Beta (Mac)
v 1.4.0134 - 1.18 MB – dmg