FruitBat 1.2 Released

January – the month of updates! BlackBerry released a new version of the PlayBook SDK and simulator yesterday (0.9.2). With the update, your password is required to interact with the simulator via the command line tools.  This update changes the command line interaction slightly to accommodate for that.

Update 02/2011: This version is also compatible Tablet OS SDK version 0.9.3 which was released by RIM on 02/08/2011.

If the command line errors out, check to make sure the clock in the simulator has the correct time, matched to your computer’s clock.

Download FruitBat
v 1.3.0025 - 1006.99 kB – exe

FlashDevelop Template

Along with this update, the FlashDevelop template received a minor update. The BlackBerry tablet configuration file (blackberry-tablet.xml) now includes a <splashscreen>node that can be used to define your own loading screen for your application, a <permissions> node to tie into the new permissions API (must be uncommented) and an <autoOrients> node to turn enable or disable orientation changes within your app (default is false in the template).

Download BlackBerry Tablet OS Template
v 1.3.0025 - 672.73 kB – zip

What’s New

  • Simulator Password field added to settings panel
  • Settings file version updated to 1.2
  • Commands in the generated batch files include the password flag
  • Minor code enhancements

Bug Fix

  • Hidden directories are not indexed in the file list for batch file commands.